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3 principles to remember to have a professional hall design

13/05/2020 01:52:05

The hall is a space that not only needs to be beautiful and luxurious but also needs a lot of other technical factors. That is why the interior design of the hall is always a challenge for the design units. As an experienced interior hall design unit, the North would like to share 3 principles to remember so that you can own a professional, impressive and highly efficient hall space.

Always determine the theme when designing the hall

In order to avoid the inconsistency between the areas in the hall space, right from the design, the investor needs to identify the theme as well as the dominant style for the hall. That will help the entire hall to have a harmonious synchronization, showing professionalism for the investment unit.

Investors need to determine the dominant style when designing the hall Always determine the type of event when designing the hall The hall is the event space. However, there are many different types of events and each will need different conditions to fully convey the messages of the organizer. In order to do that, the investor needs to clearly identify the type of event that the hall will organize to offer the most appropriate design solutions for the problem of movement or stages in the organization process, ... to bring maximum convenience to everyone.

Determining the type of event will help the hall have the most appropriate design

Focusing on the problem of sound absorption in the hall space

Sound is an indispensable element in every event. Sound quality can influence the quality of events, and can affect the psychology of participants and event tracking. Therefore, investors should pay attention to the problem of sound absorption when designing hall sound, to avoid the situation that the sound is too loud or mimic to annoy the listeners and reduce the quality of the event. The problem of sound absorption will directly affect the quality of events and the psychology of followers. For more specific advice, please contact the Northern Furniture. With a team of highly specialized architects, experienced and enthusiastic, we will certainly bring the highest satisfaction to you in the hall design projects.

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